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After reading this book, people have called me in tears...

Learn The Secrets Of How The Wealthy Legally Avoid Taxes And Protect Themselves From Lawsuits

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From Owning

To Controlling Everything

This book lays out the Foundation. Without a successful foundation you will continue to pay excessive amounts in taxes or risk losing your assets in probate court.

This book is about Structure. Structure allows you to position yourself in a way that you own nothing, but control everything.

This book has the Blueprint. This blueprint is the visual story that describes the benefits of using the most powerful financial instrument.

This Book Will Help You Develop Trust As You...

  • Understand the difference between a will, living trust, and common law trust and which one will benefit you more.

  • Learn how live tax free instead of tax deferred.

  • Understand the difference between a statutory law (man's rules) and common law (God's rules).

  • Discover how to set your legacy up to where no one can come change the foundation you have set.


What People Are Saying About 

Control Everything, Own Nothing

"I think it's a perfect introduction to trusts, and something that not very many people know about, that we should know about. This is information that the higher ups don't really want us to know about."

-Dustin C.

"These are principles and laws that are not taught in the schools anymore."

-Andrea M.

"If you want to get rich, you're going to need to invest in yourself. Don't sleep and don't play. Don't be cheap on yourself."

-Tabitha J.

"Phenomenal! Phenomenal book! If you are serious about your legacy and want to learn more about creating generational wealth, then you need this book!"

-JaRon W.

Learn the exact system that Rick The Wealth Coach used to go from $50 and a hotel room to a digital millionaire who makes $4 for ever $1 he spends.

Rick typically charges $25,000 for an hour of his time. If you paid him to teach you everything he knows about trusts it would cost you $100,000+, but to get a condensed version you won't have to pay nowhere near that much.

When you act TODAY, he will allow you to download some of his brain power for ONLY $47

Get Your Copy Today...

Get your copy of Control Everything, Own Nothing!

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