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Legacy Opportunity

Your Best Chance At Living Like The 1%


How To Operate A Common Law Trust

You will learn how to officially live like the 1% when you get your unincorporated trust.

How To Live Tax Free

You will finally be free from the fear of the IRS and live tax free, not tax deferred.

How To Leave A Financial Legacy

You will learn how to create generational wealth and leave an inheritance to your children's children.

How To Operate Lawfully and Legally

You will learn how to live legally and lawfully.

If you are 1 of the 10 people we choose to work with, you will learn this coveted information from one of the top experts you may ever meet in this industry.

Here's what you will get:


$500,000 Value

Self-Supporting Ministry Trust

You will be able to get your irrevocable unincorporated common law ministry trust. This will allow you to regain control of your life and live how God intended.

$500,000 Value

Tax Free EIN & CPN

You will receive your tax free EIN and Corporate Profile Number so you can separate private from public.

$200,000 Value

Bi-Weekly Live Group Sessions

You will be invited to our bi-weekly sessions with our trust advisor and be allowed to ask any questions you have pertaining to operating under common law.

$60,000+ Value

Bookkeeping Access

Access to our IRS enrolled agents and bookkeepers to handle your accounts and prepare you to start collecting tax credits.

Automatic Trust Agent Induction

You will be able to get paid for bringing people onboard. As a trust agent you will receive 25% of whoever you bring to us that purchases a trust.

Retain Your Refund

You will be able to make 4X what you spend when you retain 43% of your refund from the IRS.


Special Guest Mastermind Speakers

You will have the opportunity to hear from some of the greatest minds of our Kingdom Legacy Inner Circle when you become a part of the Legacy Players. This is your chance to learn things you would have never experienced. 


Get access to recordings of the Financial IQ Challenge for 1 year. Also you will be allowed to join VIP for the entire year as well without paying for any tickets.

Day 1

Common Law

Day 2

Tax Credits

Day 3

Real Estate

Day 4


Day 5


TOTAL VALUE = OVER $1,260,000


Complete the process by showing your commitment and paying a $2,000 initial Non-Refundable payment now.

There are several ways you can take care of the balance:

1. We have a finance company who will finance the balance for you. as long as your credit score is 620+ and you can provide documents to verify your income to support the payments.

2. You can borrow it from your retirement plan or take the equity out of you house and pay it back with the trust.

3. You would pay 3 payments of $20,000 or 2 payments of $28,750 or 1 payment of $55,000.