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    More of Rick's Students That Operate Like The 1%

    Self Supporting Ministry Trust

    Get your irrevocable common law trust that is valid in perpetuity.

    Foreign EIN

    Get your foreign EIN created for you.

    Corporate Profile Number (CPN)

    Get your CPN created for you.

    Bi-Weekly Live Group Sessions

    Access live trust training calls and recorded calls where you will learn unfiltered information about how the wealth actually operate.

    IRS Enrolled Agent Bookkeeping

    Have IRS enrolled agents handle your bookkeeping for you on a monthly basis.

    Trust Agent Induction

    Automatic trust agent induction.

    VIP Challenge Access

    Get VIP access to all of the Financial IQ Challenges for 1 year.

    IRS Refund

    Receive 43% of your refund from your tax credits after 1 year.


  • Learn from a trust expert who has a wealth of knowledge and is helping others just like you create unincorporated common law trusts. You will get from under the death grip of the state and start living how God intended you to live. Join other top notch professionals who live life like the 1%.

    Trust Agent Weekly Training

    Meet every Monday with our trust agents all around the country. This is where you will learn more strategies, discuss what worked and what didn't work as well as how to have a successful week. Start your week strong in order to finish strong. Connect with like minded people that can help you achieve your goals faster.